Terrell Owens may see Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett get fired

Terrell Owens may get his wish, as Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett’s job depends on the performance of the man under center, Dak Prescott.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott recently stated that he wants to be the best quarterback in Cowboys’ history. I’ve said this a thousand times – “4 isn’t half of 8 and if 4 was twice as good, he’d still be less than 9.”

That works if you remember that #8 is Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman and #9 is the future Hall of Famer that owns every Cowboy passing record – the legendary Tony Romo.

The Cowboys have spent the last two seasons making the team more “Dak-Friendly”, which means more hand-offs to the true team’s MVP – running back Ezekiel Elliott. With the retirement of future Hall of Famer tight end Jason Witten, the best TE there is, was and ever will be – and the release of our true number one All Pro receiver Dez Bryant – expect this offense to struggle.

Speaking of Dez Bryant, I’ll finally go on record and state that the most idiotic thing I’ve heard is that he runs a limited number of routes and doesn’t work from the slot. Bryant was in a close set and ran a shallow cross during that epic touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals. That wasn’t the first time I saw Bryant run that route.

When an injured Romo returned to face the Miami Dolphins, my brothers and I drove from Australia to witness his return. As soon as they lined up, I told the entire section that Dez was on the inside. One perfectly accurate pass from Romo later and it was another six points in the record book. That day, it rained, Romo returned, Bryant scored, a rainbow appeared over the stadium – it was just an unforgettable moment.

Don’t blame the receiver for running the routes that he’s told to run. The Cowboys don’t put people in motion unless it’s a jet sweep. They don’t shift formations pre-snap after looking at the defense. When Prescott yells – Kill, Kill – it means run left instead of run right. So let’s blame the Cowboys lack of success on the offensive scheme or system.

That brings me to head coach Jason Garrett who recently faced criticism from Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens. Owens believes that Garrett should be fired due to the Cowboys’ performance under his eight year tenure.

My brothers and I also attended the game against the Green Bay Packers when Garrett became head coach after Wade Phillips was fired. It doesn’t seem like eight years ago!

With my criticisms regarding the lack of offensive creativity, I believe the Air Coryell system that Garrett uses is still effective in today’s NFL. Owens is partially correct. Unfortunately, a high performance NASCAR vehicle needs a skilled driver to reach it’s potential.

The Air Coryell system attacks the field with vertical routes. We don’t do that anymore because Prescott isn’t an accurate, downfield pocket passer. When the Cowboys would reach the opponent’s 40 yard line, Romo was throwing the football into the end zone.

Most people would focus on Romo avoiding the Houston Texans defensive end – J.J. Watt. Instead, I want you to notice where the Cowboys receivers – Dez Bryant and Devin Street – were located. Spoiler Alert – They were deep downfield too.

You could also look at this video of every Terrell Owens / Tony Romo touchdown and note how many times Romo attacked defenses downfield. Show me these passes from Prescott, I’ll wait.

In 2017, Prescott averaged 6.8 yards gained per pass attempt. Earlier this year, Garrett said Prescott needs to improve on EVERYTHING. I predict Prescott will get benched this year because he can’t maximize Garrett’s system.

The truth is – We’ve always put points on the board but our defense has been the Achilles heel that wasted the careers of Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Dez Bryant in Dallas. Fix the defense and maybe nobody will notice that Dak Prescott is a mediocre quarterback.


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